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Here Comes The Bride - Male!Elsa (Elson)
I look at the white blondish head of hair sitting there. 'Who has hair like that?'. I think. My father smiles and stands up the other boy following, he turns around and I swear I could melt like ice in summer, pink dusted my cheeks and I gulp, my mother pushes me closer to the male and I look away.
"King Elson this is my daughter [Y/n]". My father says. 'KING!!'. I think. I peek up at him and he smiles a bit. "Sorry she doesn't like the idea of not finding true love and everything". My mother says glaring at me. "Love shouldn't be forced". I mutter and she steps on my foot, I clench my fists and walk out of the room Elson following me.
I walk outside it was snowing lovely, I sigh and let the snow melt in my hair, I relax a bit. "You like the snow?". Elson asks behind me. "Yes...its calming unlike my family". I say and he chuckles. "I agree....I'm only doing this for my kingdom if I had a choice I would wait for true love as well". He says.
"You could have any girl you want your a king.
:iconcrazy-fangirl27:Crazy-FanGirl27 152 5
Shirtless Scamander :iconhasana-chan:Hasana-chan 120 33 Fire Emblem: The Weapons of FE compilation :iconky-nim:ky-nim 515 36 Pagan Min :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 94 52 Pokemon Starters :iconred-flare:Red-Flare 155 17
Syo X Reader- Shower
Syo Kurusu X Reader- Shower
Syo often wondered if you knew what you were doing. He wondered if you knew the effects your subtle hip swaying, the strawberry scented shampoo of yours or your sweet, sweet smile had on him. Or maybe you were doing it on purpose. Whatever you were trying to do, it was working because Syo couldn’t get you off his mind.
He tried to supress his growing feelings simply because he thought he didn’t stand a chance against his other handsome idol members because the rules never really mattered to him anyways. But no matter how hard he tried, the moment he saw you again, and you smiled at him, he felt himself falling for you all over again.
It was kind of sad how smitten he was with you. So smitten in fact, he missed the mutual smirks his friends wore on their faces when you walked by him, or their not-so-subtle winks.
And so he (and you) were completely oblivious when they set their (rather risky) plan in motion.
:iconxhibarithecarnivorex:XHibariTheCarnivoreX 149 12
Kaito KidxReader: You're Mine
"Kya! Look! It's (Name) (Last name)!"
"Eh? You mean that famous teen detective?"
"I've never seen her in person before!"
You ignored the shouts from the people gathered around and continued your walk home. You were very famous in your city of Hiroshima, Japan as a teenage detective. You were known as the Great Detective of the South, or the Raven Sleuth, being as you were always in the company of a raven you called Sherlock. But unlike your fellow detectives, Kudo Shinichi and Hattori Heiji, you didn't really care about being in the public eye.
"KYAAAAAAAA!" You jumped at a high-pitched scream from one of the girls on the street, and turned to see her gazing up with wide eyes at a building roof on the side of the street you were on. You followed her gaze to the building and stopped dead in your tracks.
There, standing up on the roof, clad all in white, flashing his signature smirk, was the notorious young thief, Kaito Kid!
"Good evening, Meita
:iconrosesleuth:RoseSleuth 193 49
Book of Life: La Muerte :iconky-nim:ky-nim 2,454 109 Pokemon Bookmarks :iconbisc-chan:Bisc-chan 28 7 Jimin :icontaratjah:taratjah 53 1
Male! Megara x Goddess! Reader Ch. 4
You were glad that Hercules defeated all the monsters and he became famous especially he got himself a fanclub filled with girls. However, you were with Hercules and Pegasus when visiting Zeus. Zeus stated that Hercules wasn't still a true hero and being famous wasn't the same as being a true hero. You also rememberd those words Hercules' father told his son, "Look inside your heart."
Knowing that Hercules was not yet a true hero, you had to find out about those words Zeus mentioned.
"Look inside your heart, huh? I wonder what's this mean?" You said to yourself as you sat down on the sofa.
You were living with Hercules and Phil at a villa. You watched Hercules making a pose while the artist Phil hired painted a picture on the vase. While Hercules stood still, Phil gave a list to do for today such as the events with King Augeas.
Hercules called Phil as he moved a little, but the artist told him not to move. Hercules stood still as he listened to Phil.
As Hercules became annoyed as he sh
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 91 11
Mature content
Try guys Eugene x Reader :iconcryaotic8008135:Cryaotic8008135 28 2
The Queen's Sword (Older!Ciel x Fem!Reader) Ch.5
                                                              The Queen's Sword (Older!Ciel x Fem!Reader) 
                                                                                              Chapter 5: The Truth Hurts
:iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 52 15
Spell on You (Male!SandersonSistersxReader) Pt. 2
Never did you think that being an adult would be a good thing, that it would literally save your life. Now, you feel an unreasonable sort of cocky confidence as you watch Maurice and Samuel flit about the cabin worriedly, trying to convince their brother that trusting you to bring them children is a bad idea. Wildifrid waves them off with sharp gestures and thrusts their brooms into their chests.
“Would thou two shut it?!” he barks. “We don’t have time for such nonsense.”
“Exactly, dear brother,” Samuel says and slides in front of him. “Oh, let me sing! I can bring us bundles and bundles of children!”
Waldifrid snaps to silence him. “We have already struct a deal!” he says, palming his hips, but neither of his brothers accept his reason. “Besides, we can’t risk being found out.”
Maurice leans close to his face. “I do not trust the girl,” he grumbles.
Amber eyes cut to irate slits. “Gir
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 163 181
Morality - Male! Poison Ivy x Reader [AntiHero AU]
Morality - Male! Poison Ivy (Penn Isley) x AntiHero! Botanist! Female! Reader
>Penn Isley is the male version of Pamela Isley<
A slender finger made its way atop the rose’s petal. Even strokes made the rose bent his way, it reveled in his touch. His green lips would upturn and white pearl teeth would show themselves through. Any woman would be enraptured by his wonderfully exquisite features.
It wasn’t always this way. He used to be a weak human. A weak man that was taken advantage of by other women, however he didn’t mind. Not until the woman he thought loved had snubbed him of his true happiness. In return, he spurned the rest of the female species. Had taken a liking for destroying them. This would be his revenge.
Though in all his trouble to ignore and dislike (including hurt) all females, his eye had caught on one particular woman….
The rose under his finger bloomed to the point that its peta
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 313 58
FAITHFUL HEIR :iconcheppoly:Cheppoly 137 2
Hello, my dear watchers.

It's me, ya boi. Guzman. JK. It's me Touko-chan00.

School's been consuming all my time. My classes have been kind of getting hard. And the works for the classed have been getting me tired of everything. My teachers are killing me, especially my Spanish teacher. She just makes me feel so pissed of and depressed. She's a pain in my backside. 

Also been reading more books. I just finished Lele Pons' Surviving High School today. I reading How The French Invented Love by Marilyn Yalom. And for english class, which I have a test tomorrow, Brave New World. 
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Cecilia Mclaughlin Colon
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Puerto Rico
I know English and Spanish, but I always talk in English (and i actually think in English).
My life is a rollercoaster.
I have tumblr, Facebook and this of course.
I have a wattpad.

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